Muskoka and Amsterdam take over Toronto Indy Sponsorship from Labatt






How did two Ontario Craft Breweries take over Labatt in the Toronto Indy Sponsorship? Sorry, just let me take a sip of this Amsterdam Boneshaker (Holy shit that’s hoppy, but I bet it’ll be the blonde at Indy). Well it might have more to do with Labatt deciding to sit the event out but, quite frankly, it’s good to see two local businesses step up. These two breweries are getting bigger and bigger and with the money to step in like this, Indy fans are in for a treat for their race side boozin – On that note, keep in mind that race events sell a LOT of beer, Amsterdam and Muskoka are happy to see those sales go to them, not to mention the brand building that will come with it. And don’t kid yourself, Indy ain’t Formula 1 but its a big deal. The mere participation of craft brewers in a traditional event like this creates buzz that helps sell the event and the beer. (see: Steamwhistle at Marlies games). It also seems to be a theme in the mass grass roots sponsorship that Muskoka is engaging in. For such wealthy¬†connotations, the buis is sticking to the roots.

So, Kudos to good beer taking over and over-filling the void that Blue left. Now, can these two Ontario Craft giants co-exist?


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