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2nd Annual Amsterdam Brewstache Beerfest

Brush your mo’, Amsterdam is again playing host to a Movember fundraiser featuring beer from several of OCB’s finest. Its on a school night but there are more than enough reasons to make it worth going out for, including the fact that all proceeds go to prostate cancer research and awareness. Also, there will be […]

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Muskoka and Amsterdam take over Toronto Indy Sponsorship from Labatt

          How did two Ontario Craft Breweries take over Labatt in the Toronto Indy Sponsorship? Sorry, just let me take a sip of this Amsterdam Boneshaker (Holy shit that’s hoppy, but I bet it’ll be the blonde at Indy). Well it might have more to do with Labatt deciding to sit […]

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Ontario Brewing Awards Recap: From the Guy that Wasn’t there…

But wishes he was. First, take a look at the winners. Yup there’s lots of them. 167 contesting beers ¬†from 33 breweries vying for Gold, Silver or Bronze in over 20 categories. And now you’ve got a good start to you May 24 drinking list.           A few of the many […]

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