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Its Halloween. Drink a Scary Beer.

Yes, I’ve decided to a make a meaningless list with little thought – The most appropriate beers to drink on Halloween. Feel free to add to it if you read this. 5. Wychwood Brewery HobGoblin 4. Unibrou Trois Pistols Well, actually their Fin du Monde or Maudite are probably more appropriatley named, but the Trois Pistols label scares the […]

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Pumpkin Beer Challenge (?)

If you’ve been to an LCBO this Fall, you might have noticed the exactly 8000 different pumpkin spice ales available. Pumpkin is pretty good, so why not I guess. Well, honestly, I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice beer. Not so much because it overpowers the beer (which it often does), but mainly I just find that without […]

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