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Obama’s White House Beer and the Freedom of Information Request for the Recipe

Obama and beer are big news lately. First, it was reported that he has the White House staff brewing two varieties of homebrew; one of which is the White  House Honey Ale, brewed using honey from Michelle Obama’s bee hive, also onsite. Apparently Obama is traveling with the stuff too. Then a beer tent operator at an Iowa […]

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Creemore Springs 25th Anniversary Altbier & Great Lakes 25th Anniversary Saison – 25 has never been so good

Yeah, these probably deserve individual attention but my observations of brief to be generous, so I thought I’d mix it up. The fact that both Creemore Springs and Great Lakes are celebrating 25 years is pretty great for Ontario Craft Beer (insert mandatory reference to Creemore being owned by MolsonCoors – its still legit man), and proving great for […]

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