Chick Beer – Tapping Into Female Market or Just Stupid? You Guessed It.

Well, I think the branding says it all.








Apparently “Chick Beer” isn’t doing so well. Shock, I know. The proprietors of this self proclaimed light craft beer claim that “woman are clamoring for a beer to call their own.” Really? I think that Julia Herz, along with many other woman, would have something to say about that, along with the claim that women are an”untapped” market.

Not being a woman, I won’t speak for them. However, I know many who appreciate a good beer. And to be fair, Chick Beer did recognize that women drink beer, that being a motivating factor behind the product. But cribbing your marketing style from Bratz Dolls and bedazzler machines is not the way to enter the craft beer market, particularly when aiming at women over the age of 9. To say the least, the fact that women drink beer should not have led to the conclusion that Chick Beer was a good idea.

I can’t comment on the taste and, for now, I’ll have to leave that to the shoppers at the Iowa grocery stores selling this beer.


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2 Comments on “Chick Beer – Tapping Into Female Market or Just Stupid? You Guessed It.”

  1. Jim Jenkins
    May 14, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    So you based your comment that the beer “isn’t doing so well” on this quote: “It consistently does better than some new beers, but it’s nowhere near the responses of (other brands),”

    Biased much? In eight months, Chick Beer has gone from zero to being available at over a thousand locations in seven states, according to the map of locations on their website.

    I’m consistently amazed at how craft beer bloggers pretend that the 95% of beer drinkers who do NOT drink craft beers don’t exist. Chick Beer doesn’t compete with lambic. It competes with Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Miller Lite and Coors Light, brands that together comprise more than 50% of the market.

    Don’t call yourself a “Beer Blog” until you acknowledge the other 95% of the market.

    • beerTO
      May 14, 2012 at 5:10 pm #


      Appreciate the comment.

      First, the aticle suggests that sales are disapointing. However, thats not really my problem with the beer – my problem is the tacky marketing and the unsubtantiated notion that woman need a “woman beer” that is lighter and more palatable. People watch Jersey Shore – that doesn’t make it good.

      Second, it calls itself a “craft beer”, thus purporting to remove itself from the Bud light etc. crowd.

      Third, while, as you can see, the blog is relatively new, I have already referenced the major breweries a number of times. In fact, I enjoy many of the big beers, at least the one’s that exist here in Canada, but definitely prefer craft beer.

      Fourth, I think I’ll stick with “Beer Blog”.

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