Westvleteren 12




If you are still reading this, you’ve probably guessed that I didn’t get my hands on any Westvleteren 12…you know, that ultra rare Belgian trappist beer that you can normally only buy direct from the monks that brew it in Belgium (or something like that)? That beer that is rated 100 on BeerAdvocate? That beer that became available today in the LCBO in limited quantity gift packs – part of a fundraising effort by the monks who brew it to fix up their abbey?

Yeah. It sold out in like 4 minutes.

So whatever. I bet it’s not even good anyway. Did you know it’s not even made in a Niagara farmhouse or on Ossington Street? Not even on LAIRD! I heard its made in the same country as Hooengarden.

And so what if monks make it and decided to sell it in Canada because they wanted some plasma TVs for their house? Big deal. The packaging looks like a World of Warcraft gift set and the bottle doesn’t even have hip artwork on it.

I don’t need to pay a ridiculous $78 for six bottles of Belgian trappist. I can pay a ridiculous $24 for six bottles of ONTARIO Belgian trappist.

Oh wait, Toronto Life reports there are several stores that are yet to get their shipment. Maybe I’ll wait outside an LCBO for 2 hours tomorrow.

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